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Strategy & Business Modelling

In this extremely competitive and ever changing business environment, growth is wholly dependent upon the strategies implemented. Our objective is to aid our clients identify niche markets as well as sustain and thrive in existing ones, while maintaining their cost efficiency and increasing profitability.

Resource Management and the application of a proven business model is pivotal to any strategic planning initiative. Our consultants will help you build your business strategy by focusing on each of these areas:

Market, Customer and Product Strategy

  • Market Strategy: Business strategies first and foremost start with market strategy. Complete market analysis, market assessment, promotional strategies, advertisement campaigns are all key to paving the way for business to grow.
  • Customer Strategy: Business begins and ends with the customer. Customers represent the marketplace. Customer building, customer awareness, customer care, maintaining customer interests are a few of the strategies chosen that we focus on.
  • Product Strategy: Creating product awareness, assessing product expectation and quality, analyzing product availability, pricing and promotions are areas we look at while developing a business strategy.

Business Models & Value Proposition

  • Choosing a proven business model appropriate to your industry would prove to be a wise solution for your business. Also blueprinting your business would help handle it more efficiently.
  • Our objectives are focused on providing successful strategic options, untapped growth opportunities, drivers for profitability, value creation and investment support.

Investment Strategy & Risk Management

  • ICSI provides end-to-end consulting that helps clients develop an investment strategy for their defined value contribution plan that drives workforce and financial performance. These tailored solutions create the right outcome to deliver business success. Our aim is to help clients develop a holistic risk management strategy that includes diversified investment opportunities that will help them to achieve their overall objective efficiently.


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