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Process Engineering

Changing business climates demand business enterprises to adapt quickly to change. Technological innovation, macroeconomic trends and legal environment of a country, business expansion or downsizing - all leave an impact on any organization. This requires a dynamic organizational reengineering process that allows the organization to maintain its edge amidst competition. This dynamic change management process facilitates the most profitable outcome for an organization.

Organization Modelling & Process Engineering

Organizations often create new structures without considering the overall operating model. In our experience, new structures with old operating models do not produce the most desirable result.

ICSI can partner with you to help design, develop and implement a new organizational model that is effective and efficient. The process includes:

  • Conducting a rapid stakeholder analysis to determine what kind of operating model will work best
  • Guiding leaders in setting the minimal critical direction on each element of the operating model
  • Working with designated teams to complete the design of the chosen model

Unlike other consulting firms, our consultants strive to apply their process engineering expertise and knowledge combined with operational experience over the entire range of business processes. The final results are totally independent and unbiased.

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